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    hmm aint posted for ages tbh … been well busy lately been out and about doin much dumb shit been many places and had many laughs like tocks leaning out my window last nite and slapping the guy on the bike … :P hmmm things have well changed since i last made a post … lifes so different never did see that girl from college :( and olivia never did leave her bf :( so i had to start again …. haha well kinda … still the same some1 is fuckin me off about makin up her mind and the fort of a certain some1 close to home is rather nice…. kinda hope she texts me tonite and asks me to meet her … im sure she’ll long me off pfft oh well 

    peace out 

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    erm…. yer

    I actually have no clue how to describe the last 4 days haha :P been a bit crazy glad i spent most of it with adam …. i think last nite jst topped it off that little extra haha blazed far far to much in the most random place :P but it was epic …. i really wanted to see olivia this weekend but :( for some reason i didnt … hmmm 

    i need to see her soon starting to get withdrawal symptoms me thinks :) any way after a nice nap today and cuppa coffee i still feel pretty gash lol ….  im off to find other ways to feel better 

    love u baby xxxxx 

    peace out (Y)

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    wats is goin on ????

    hmm i really miss her … soo sooo soo badly i wanna see her and speak to her but she has no texts i dnt think .. or she jst aint texting me ….. may ring her … i really dnt have a clue haha all i no is i need olivia :(

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    ok last few days have been funny as fuck :P been with adam most of it … who else would i sleep in a bed with 2 nites in a row :P … had a few nice hot boxes in the car with the mandem (Y) and found i can drive stoned really well :) hehe

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    Question time

    dw im not shy….

    Just suck my dick !

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    happy ting :)

    ok jst told the girl from college how i feel …. and although it didnt go the way i wanted a 100 % it was far from a fail :) so yer im really happy right now. plan is … spend time with her and take her out and stuff and maybe she will change her mind about not wanting a boyfriend :P who knows… jst hope it dnt go the oposite way and i put in loadsa effort and time and then get longed off ….. hmm wow i cnt belive im makin this much effort i actually would do anything to have her :) also hope no1 ruins my mood cos ill be pissed off to the max … also should get to sleep an other day at work tomorrow should be fun as usual :)

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    "sex with me is like riding a rollacosta… first i go up … then ill go down… u get an amazing thrill and scream ur lungs out …then when the rides over u move on to the next ride .. but im the best ride around so the wont take me down so ur always welcome to ride again"
    - Ryan Vallance
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    Wanking is the key to life

    so second day at work (Y) wasnt bad tbh getting really pissed off with that American guy in them videos … hes such a dick head. lookin forward to getting my car in the next 2 days (Y) gunna be so lols … im really roasting for a joint. I only had one joint in the last week and tbh im getting bored of smoking fags …

    This weekend should be funny have many biffs and drive many places all in all should be good hopfully also gunna sort shit out with this girl on friday and tell her to once and for all make her mind up (Y) probably wont work but … hey its worth a try :( oh and im also pissed off i gotta work thursday was really looking foward to seeing that girl from college and spending a bit of time with her :( but that plan failed. still wondering whether shes the girl i should be chasing… but tryed that once and that ended in a FAIL so i guess for now i wont bother … it would be nice one day though shes so nice and sweet makes me laugh and makes me happy brightens my day tbh … but the constant chats about how she loves life the way it is and a bf dnt seem like fun to her puts doubt in my mind about whether she would be my best option .. well no ill be honest shes my best option and 10 times better than any other girl i know atm … ahhh fuck it im jst chattin shit now …

    peace out ! :)

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    arhhh this is such a bad old picture of us both :( but only one i have :S
and i love her dearly :D so so so much

    arhhh this is such a bad old picture of us both :( but only one i have :S

    and i love her dearly :D so so so much

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    "she looks like a fucking abortion"
    - Helen Galer (Y)
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    well after 3 and a bit hours sleep i woke up to builders in my house … wtf :@ being rather pissed off i went and asked them if they wanted a cup of tea? the obv answer was yes … i then looked them them and sed well if u want tea fuck off down the cafe and buy some so I can get bk to having my last few minutes of sleep … they didnt seem to impressed by this comment but hey …. i dnt care tbh.. work was … tbh …. fucking funny we sat there for about 8 hours doing fuck all chatting and general having a fuckin laugh about the strange kids :P oh and i defiantly used the word “I WOULD” far to much today …

    hmm also little up date on the super emo girl …. she’s so annoying she acts about 3 years old and tbh i really starting to think kents a bit far to drive jst to get head …

    also a certain some1 is really starting to fuck me off with there bf one min she wants to talk to me then the next she dnt … sort ur self out fuckin hell .. anyway untill later on (Y)

    peace out!!

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    "For all the weed that I’ve smoked - yo this blunt’s for you
    To all the people I’ve offended - yeah fuck you too!
    To all the friends I used to have - yo I miss my past
    But the rest of you assholes can KISS MY ASS
    For all the drugs that I’ve done - yo I’m still gon’ do
    To all the people I’ve offended - yeah fuck you too!
    For everytime I reminisce - yo I miss my past
    But I still don’t give a fuck, y’all can KISS MY ASS"
    - Eminem February 23, 1999
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    1st day of a new start

    hmm its 2 in the morning and I’m getting up for my first day at work in about 5 hours (Y) should really sleep but I really can’t so looks like I’m sitting up for a bit longer… kinda looking forward to my first day got a job with 2 of my best mates so least if works shit I have them to fall back on (Y) should but fun to be honest couple of fairly hot girls there… my personal fav is apparently not my mates fav but hey I can live with it :P …. shouldn’t really be thinking about girls this way any more as the new plan of getting a girlfriend is in play … LOL only really been in love twice I guess the first time was probably the worst 2 years of my life and after a few broken knuckles, alot of drugs and many sleepless nights I finally found it some where in me to leave it and admit defeat… the second time is recently and although being better than the first love still a fail and her bf is really starting to fuck me off and the fort of killing him is looking like a good one :P (Y) anyway had a nice zuit earlier with some1 who pops round from time to time to have a blaze in there car … done my nicely tbh wasn’t an amazing high but the bud tasted good and seen as i have not smoke for a few days it was more than welcome in my system… haha also (funny story) had an interesting conversation with a super emo girl today … she was very hot, defiantly was more than fuckable … but she soon showed her real colours by explaining to me that she had a fetish for ginger boys, boys kissing boys and boys who cut there self …. i soon explained that if that was what she was looking for she wouldn’t get far with me at all but me being me managed to sway her mind and get her number for maybe a normal shag with the odd bit of biting but in general knife will be staying out of the bedroom … haha anyway off to watch some random shit on BBCi player about Muslims lol hopefully today brings more luck than yesterday

    peace out:)